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Holidays, but where will the dog stay?

Are you going on holidays; leaving Melbourne overnight; working longer hours than normal and want your treasured pet to be fed and loved.
Mal offers two services:  feeding of your pet in his/her own home, or having holidays with her dog, Daisy, at our home.
Whichever option you chose, rest assured that your dog will be loved whilst you are away.
Our in-home service for dogs and cats includes feeding, play activity or short 15 minute walk, together with mail collection and removal of advertising material from your letterbox.   A longer, one hour walk, can be arranged, at an additional charge.
Dog sitting in our home  includes feeding, twice daily walks, and socialisation.  Each owner is given a CD stacked full of photos of your pet's holiday with Mal and Daisy.
Dog massage, grooming and garden maintenance can be arranged, at an additional charge.

For bookings or further information, contact Mal on:  0408 012 810 or email her at: