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As an Animal Masseuse, I see lots of dogs who are overweight due to lack of exercise and some who are very shy in need of socialising.
This is where the idea of conducting free Community Dog Walks came from.  
I am lucky; my dog Daisy is very social and just gets so excited when she hears the word, "Walk".   So .....
Each month, I run a FREE to join, Community Dog Walk.   These walks are open to all dogs regardless of age, health, sex, breed, etc.   
The purpose of the walk is to socialise both dog and owner; make new friends, both dog and human; have fun and decide where the next walk is going to be.   Most walks are held in the North-Eastern region (Greensborough, Mill Park, South Morang, Whittlesea, Eltham, Research) of Melbourne (purely because that is where Daisy and I live!)
Come and join us.   Contact Mal (and Daisy) on 0408 012 810 for monthly walk details.

For further information concerning these free Community Dog Walks, please contact Mal on 0408 012 810 or email at