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For a Healthier Pet

Arthritis; Joint Pain; Injury Recovery; Breathing Difficulties; Aggression; Coughing, and more are assisted by wearing a magnetic pet collar.  The full range of Nikken magnetic products for pets and humans are also available. 
Pets suffer from similar health and stress complaints as do humans and many discerning pet owners throughout the world are now recognising the tremendous benefits enjoyed by their pets when using magnetic technology.
With magnetic pet collars, the movement of haemoglobin in blood vessels is accelerated, while calcium and cholesterol deposits in blood are decreased.  The blood is cleansed and circulation increased.  Heart activity is easier and fatigue and pain disappear.
The MagiCol collars are an advanced magnetic technology allowing the body to respond to their healing powers by stimulating the body's natural systems, - circulatory, nervous, respiratory, digestive and urinary - and having them work correctly.
The collars are available for all pets (dogs, cats, horses)  of all sizes and come in a range of colours, each enclosing new technology flexible magnetic pads that impart a balanced magnetic field to the pet's blood as it passes under the collar.


Contact Mal Lynch on (03) 9401 2810 or 0408 012 810 or email her on: to discuss your pet's requirement.